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Our Mission:

Let’s give them something to talk about!

Merage Talks mission is to encourage, support and mentor Entrepreneurs across the world facing personal and professional challenges in today’s fragile global economy. Merage Talks cares about today’s Entrepreneur and strives to understand their obstacles via discussion leading to resolutions one Merage Talk at a time.

How we accomplish our mission:

We invite Entrepreneurs, Industry leaders, Professors and Researchers from across the world to join our Global Village to learn and gain insight via weekly webinars and interactive discussion groups. Creating connections within our communities and beyond to support the Entrepreneurial spirit with experience, ideas and knowledge to keep this spirit thriving in any market.    

“My wife Lilly and I invite you to join us for Merage Talks! Today more than ever, we understand the importance to stay connected and diverse in an ever-changing market. We remain dedicated at Merage Institute to serve as a driving force in innovation and hope our mission will stimulate your minds while supporting our community, Alumni and Entrepreneurs one Merage Talk at a time. We are in this together. Stay healthy. Stay safe. Stay Sane”

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Inspiring innovation within our community and world one Merage Talk at a time.

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